According to yogic philosophy, it takes 40 days to adopt a new habit. Yet, to fully integrate and master your new routine, it can take up to 1,000 days, which translates to more than 2.5 years.

That’s a significant amount of time, which is why remaining persistent and resilient is crucial. As Author Alan Seale shared in his book Create A World That Works, “Choice is merely a starting point,” and ”As you embody a new stage of being, patterns and emotions automatically reconfigure, if not transform.”

A great deal of patience and discipline is required.

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, starting can be challenging, and it’s messy in the middle. Hopefully, knowing that your journey may have some setbacks and detours provides you with the courage and compassion to ease into the process with the fortitude to bounce back when you feel off track.

Also, repetitive themes and scenarios that you deem negative will likely appear until you address them. These situations and stories you tell yourself can result from inborn conundrums from your ancestry, human design, instincts, and preferences, as well as external factors like learned behavior, skills, and shapeshifting to meet other people’s or societal expectations.

Deep Transformational Coaching can support you.

Thinking and talking about how you’ll change won’t make it happen. As Albert Einstein reminds us, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” To attain the reality you seek, you must experience and embody it. Through awareness, understanding, and releasing what is holding you back, you can take action and embrace new behaviors and characteristics to support your endeavors.

Deep Coaching enables you to connect with your inner self and experience a shift in being by slowing it all down and synching with life. Lao Tzu captures this essence poignantly: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Furthermore, Deep Coaching can help you:

Transform your outlook.

Eckhart Tolle affirmed, “All problems are illusions of the mind.” By being in the present moment, you can avoid “future tripping” and getting worked up about things outside of your control. A Deep Coaching session provides a sanctuary from stress and invites you to tap into your inner wisdom. By centering in your body and objectively sorting through thoughts, feelings, facts, and emotions, you can shift your mindset and minimize self-sabotaging behaviors.

Overcome resistance.

Deep Coaching can help you align your energy and intentions by creating awareness of ways to move forward. This includes working through uncertainty, distractions, and resistance, and thinking through various possibilities. With a strong inner connection, you can work through the obstacles and choose a path forward with confidence and dedication.

Stay committed.

When you’re slipping back into ways that are no longer beneficial or setting up constraints that impede your advancement, turn inward. Deep Coaching can help you rally your inner strength and pinpoint strategies to help you persevere instead of giving up or retreating at these junctures. By focusing on yourself, you can assess all aspects, learn from the experience, and decide how best to proceed.

Institute a self-care practice.

Caring for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally means connecting with your wants, needs, and expectations. What you need to calm your mind, release tension in your body, and thrive is unique to you. Your inner guidance system holds your answers, which you can access in Deep Coaching sessions. Additionally, assessments, like the Enneagram, can help you turn insight into action by uncovering various blind spots and providing you with supporting strategies.

Harness your YOU-ness.

Many forces coexist within you, and these paradoxes are part of human life. Within the “cocoon-like space” of Deep Coaching, you can align your mind, body, and heart to live more congruently. When you’re confident about who you are, you reclaim your authority. You know what you stand for and who you want to be. As a result, you’ll be more open, energized, and devoted to your contributions and relationships.

It’s never too late to attain your aspirations.

Take five minutes and write down habits you want to foster or change. Reframe any uncertainty or doubt with why you should and can. Write down all possibilities and start acting on them as if they were true.

Deepen your perspective to activate your best.

As a lifelong student, certified professional coach, and consultant, activating the best in others through self-leadership, interpersonal relations, and team dynamics are passions of mine. My approach is personalized and customized, tapping into various assessments, disciplines, modalities, and techniques.

If you’re ready to slow it all down, synch with the rhythm of life, attune to your inner wisdom, and shift your way of being in the world, schedule a free consultation. I’d be delighted to partner with you.

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