Let’s Discuss What You’re Looking to Achieve.

I work with professionals looking to advance themselves, teams, or organizations. My approach is personalized and customized. Based on what you share, I’ll offer different methods and techniques and provide you a proposal with itemized costs and a bundled package discount option. You then decide what you’d like and when you’d like to start.

 Experienced and reliable

Communication & Change Consulting

Are you looking to fill a gap with someone who is upbeat, collaborative, and productive? Whether you’re looking to communicate, drive change, or increase employee engagement, you can count on me to deliver with a smile. I offer proven best practice methods and fresh approaches. Based on your needs, I can design, write, facilitate, and implement:

  • Assessments and skills development
  • Strategic change communication plans
  • Employee engagement and recognition programs
  • Articles, newsletters, presentations, and Q&A documents
  • Storylines and narratives
  • Podcasts, webinars, and workshops
Recharge and refresh

Career Coaching & Branding

Looking for a new job or help with positioning yourself better? I offer essential career coaching services to help you shift your mindset and cultivate your personal brand for what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll work together to uncover what sparks you and depletes you and create your distinctive storyline for many uses. Pinpoint what you value most and learn techniques to communicate your needs more effectively and make decisions better. My offerings include packaged coaching sessions with customized deliverables such as:

  • Sparketype® and EQ-i2.0® assessments
  • Message development, including a personalized narrative and elevator speech
  • Interview practice sessions and career coaching 
  • Quantitative and qualitative decision-making techniques
  • Emotional intelligence skills development
  • Review of existing job search materials
Simple, Structured Steps For Profound Change

Micro- & Mini-Offerings

Reclaim your personal power using structured techniques to enhance specific skills or address thoughts, feelings, or actions holding you back. My customizable offerings range from individual 50-minute sessions to mid or long-term coaching packages. Every program is designed to help you reach your goals. Volume discounts are available for groups of two or more, e.g., organizations, colleagues, or friends. Popular focus areas include:

  • Become a more effective influencer by elevating your communication techniques
  • Enhance leadership skills and ability to navigate uncertainty and change by deepening self-awareness and emotional intelligence capabilities (includes the EQ-i2.0® assessment)
  • Bolster self-confidence by gaining objectivity, increasing resilience, and reducing people-pleasing
  • Activate your mind, body, and heart centers to embody a more balanced approach in your daily routine (includes Enneagram assessment)
  • Let go of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors holding you back
  • Prioritize and set boundaries by shifting your mindset and task-related action planning
Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

Professional Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you’re looking for professional development, self-leadership training, improving relationships, enhancing your executive presence, or new career opportunities, I’ll take you through a self-discovery process to uncover your preferences and pinpoint any issues that may be obstacles to overcome. We’ll co-create an actionable plan that is tailored to your needs. Depending on the focus, options include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment and application
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO®) assessment and coaching
  • Integrative Enneagram iEQ9 assessment and coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i2.0® or EQ 360®) skills assessment and development 
  • Creation of detailed career, development, or change plan
  • Coaching sessions related to general Q&A, career, mentoring, and self-leadership development
Build trust and engagement

Team Development & Workshops

Are you looking to activate the best in your employees? Whether you want to improve team dynamics or unify your team under a shared purpose, I offer customized programs that can be delivered online or in-person to help you fuel people’s success. Here are some of the more popular sessions to improve communication, manage stress, and foster collaboration:

  • Team purpose, vision, mission, or value proposition
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment and team action planning centered on understanding work preferences
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®) assessment and team action planning focused on expressed needs and wants
  • Integrative Enneagram iEQ9 assessment and team action planning centered on understanding core motivation and strengths
  • Sparketype® assessment and Sparked Canvas™ workshop focused on pinpointing what energizes the team and creating strategies for areas that deplete their energy
  • Emotional skills development using the EQ-i2.0® or EQ 360® assessments dedicated to overall well-being and performance
be the best version of you message
Improve Your Mindset and Well-Being

Therapeutic & Transformative Modalities

If you’re seeking profound change to be more present, slow it all down, heal your past issues, and activate your best, I offer expansive ways to attune to your inner wisdom. Centering on a deep connection and partnership with you, I’ll use various techniques that empower you to boost your self-awareness and intuitive capacity, improve your mindset, align your inner and outer worlds, and transform your way of being. We’ll establish a coaching strategy together based on your goals leveraging:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) model
  • Deep Coaching principles
  • Quantum Human Design energy blueprint analysis
  • Carl Jung’s four mental functions
  • Breathing methods for your nervous system
  • Enneagram primary instincts, centers of intelligence, and levels of integration

I Aim to Exceed Expectations.

Let’s Work Together.

I went to Mindy with a goal of bringing a team closer together. Her guidance as well as her passion and excitement for what she does set the stage immediately on what was an amazing experience. Throughout the exercises, in-depth 1-1s and workshop, not only was the goal exceeded but the introspective views of our own tendencies and types left a lasting, powerful set of personal and professional goals for all team members for years to come. I highly recommend Mindy Kantor!


Henry Baez

Head of Manufacturing Quality, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Mindy has played an integral role in my development as a manager, mentor, and coach. She has the unique and invaluable ability to identify and hone an individual’s strengths while developing their areas for improvement, shaping the trajectory of their career path in a positive manner. Her follow-through habits and attention to detail ensure that any project is completed with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. For anyone looking for someone to guide them through career development and progression, I would highly recommend speaking with Mindy.

Jessica Lanzon

Sales Director, Sprinter Spirits

Work With Me.

Whether you’re looking to advance yourself, improve team dynamics, or guide your organization through change, you have goals and objectives. I want to help you attain them.