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Change Framework

Begin your change journey.

The Change Framework template aids you in outlining your current situation, desired state, and defining actions to close the gaps.

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8 Cs of Good Communication

Check your communication.

Use the 8 Cs of good communication checklist to think through and review your content. 

MBTI Preference Tips

Improve communication and manage stress.

The MBTI® is based on Carl G. Jung’s theory that random variations in behavior are orderly and consistent. Once you’ve uncovered your preferences, you can apply that knowledge in multiple ways.

Message Triangle

Craft your message.

The Message Triangle template assists you in getting your key messages across to various target audiences in a concise, compelling, and credible manner.

Stop Start Continue

Focus and prioritize.

The Stop, Start, Continue table helps you and your teams prioritize your activities towards a common goal in an inclusive and collaborative way. 

I Aim to Exceed Expectations.
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Mindy helped me strengthen team dynamics through a series of trainings that spanned over a couple of years. She successfully led individual MBTI® sessions with several employees and brought the entire global team together for a comprehensive ½ day session that resulted in building trust and engagement among us. Her focus on people success and attention-to-detail ensured that we practiced our learnings post-meeting. She also co-led a World Café session focused on our company business principles. It’s a pleasure to see Mindy following a path that helps others succeed. She made a difference with my team and I believe she would for any leader trying to foster team development.

Ken Smith

Former VP, Materials, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Mindy serves as a great resource and advisor to me on how to manage professional relationships effectively. Through her approach, I was able to obtain a fresh perspective with solutions to put into action. I’ve learned a lot from her, and truly appreciated the time she took to be a mentor and coach. I would endorse Mindy for anyone looking for professional development or career-focused coaching. She offers best practice approaches for problem solving, as well as tools that can help you flex your communication style as needed.

Kristen Prazenica

Social Media & Corporate Communication, Siemens Medical Solutions

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Whether you’re looking to advance yourself, improve team dynamics, or guide your organization through change, you have goals and objectives. I want to help you attain them.

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