I had the chance to speak with Tom Reaoch, a multicultural networking leader, on his podcast Café & Networking and share my 4Cs on how to reduce stress. Click here to listen.

During the interview, I set the context with one of my favorite quotes from Eckhart Tolle:

“Stress is caused by being ‘here’ and wanting to be ‘there.’”

Whenever I experience unwelcomed frenetic energy where my mind is racing, I know I’m out of alignment for the very reason the quote indicates.

Many things can cause us to feel overpowered or cognitively dissonant.

For example, having too much to do, working outside our preferences, and performing in areas that naturally deplete our energy. Often a lack of boundaries, the need to please, worrying about the outcome, or the inability to say no perpetuates these sensations. Sometimes, focusing on and discussing what we don’t want makes our challenges more difficult. It can take a concerted effort in many aspects of our daily lives to focus on what we do want and adjust our focus accordingly.

Find balance within yourself to strengthen resiliency.

We often look outward to find solutions for whatever we’re facing, with the notion that someone or something else is at fault and they should fix it. Yet, that is rarely the case. Most times, it’s because we are out of sync with ourselves. So to feel better, you need to reconnect with yourself and find the balance between your head, heart, and body.

Listen here for the 4Cs to reduce stress.

Yet remember: you don’t need to go it alone.

Be kind to yourself; this is a learning process you do not need to do alone. Ask for guidance from a trusted source, partner, colleague, friend, coach, or mentor. Select someone who will listen compassionately and help you reframe the situation positively so you can move forward. With the right support and intention, talking it through can be cathartic.

I offer plenty of tips, tools, and assessments on my website for anyone who wants to explore making a shift in their life or career. If you’re looking for a coach (and cheerleader), my approach is all about empowering you to harness your YOU-ness. Don’t only take my word for it; check out what others have said. Then schedule a free 30-minute call to take one action forward. No obligation, no strings attached.

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