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An Integrated & Customized Coaching Experience

Welcome to My Catalyst Programs

Working with me as your personal coach and cheerleader, I’ll guide you through the Catalysts you select with proven methods and tools to harness your YOU-ness and activate your best. Our work together will pull from various disciplines, modalities, and techniques, i.e., branding, communication, change management, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, neurobiology, project management, and psychology. Schedule a free consultation to select an existing program or co-create a tailored one to meet your aspirations. Upon completion of each catalyst, you’ll have a personalized action plan with clear direction on next steps.

Growth, Are you looking to

Are you looking to:

  • Be guided through making a career or personal change?
  • Cultivate your personal brand?
  • Elevate your executive presence?
  • Find more balance in life or at work?
  • Boost your communication approach and how you’re perceived?
  • Reach a defined goal and address what’s been holding you back?
  • Shift your mindset and improve resilience?

If so, these Catalyst Programs are for you. Read more below and schedule a free consultation for the catalysts that interest you the most. We’ll then discuss, create your path forward, and get started.

Growth, Are you looking to

What sets these Catalyst Programs apart from others?

  • They are customized to meet you where you’re at and guide you forward
  • You have a consultation to discuss what you’re looking to achieve to select the best path forward
  • You’re guided throughout by me as your coach and cheerleader
  • You have access to various materials across multiple mediums – assessments, video tutorials, templates, worksheets, and resources
Create Your Change Plan Catalyst Program

Create Your Change Plan

Discover how to create your change plan, which includes your mission/goal, current state, desired state, actions to close the gap, timeline, and measurement. Learn how to commit, prioritize, make decisions, and overcome obstacles.

Objectives & Outcomes
  • Build your change framework
  • Document your mission, current, and desired state
  • Identify concrete actions to close the gaps
  • Simplify and prioritize actions, overcome obstacles, gain confidence, make difficult decisions
  • Measure progress and celebrate success
What to expect
  • 1:1 coaching throughout
  • Creation of personalized change plan with actionable steps
  • List of behaviors and actions to stop, start, continue in support of desired state
  • Worksheets and exercises to let go of resistance, foster creativity, and shift mindset
Cultivate Your Personal Brand Catalyst Program

Cultivate Your Personal Brand

Develop your brand from the inside out. Receive a high-level overview of marketing and communication principles. Uncover your voice, purpose/mission, craft your overall message/story, and package your materials. Learn how to express your brand in oral and written applications for professional development and advancement.

Objectives & Outcomes
  • Find your voice
  • Define your purpose and mission statement
  • Write your narrative that includes your unique value proposition and messaging
  • Create your personal brand experience
  • Learn how to personify your brand essence

 What to expect

  • 1:1 coaching throughout 
  • Sparketype® assessment and analysis to pinpoint what gives you a sense of purpose and energizes you
  • Interactive exercises to express your fullest potential 
  • Creation of your core brand attributes and time to practice your narrative and stories
Determine Your Growth Path Catalyst Program

Determine Your Growth Path

Understand more about your motivations and the ‘why’ behind your behaviors. Take the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire (iEQ9) and receive your customized report that provides a rich map for personal and professional development. I’ll show you how to use your Type Profile, Subtype, Centers, Wings, and Lines to determine your growth path forward.

Objectives & Outcomes
  • Take the assessment and validate Core Type and Subtype
  • Gain insight into core motivation, behavioral patterns, and how it correlates to handling conflict and showing up in a social context
  • Learn about your Type’s “stress release points” and “growth stretch areas”
  • Uncover blind spots and triggers
  • Outline your next steps for growth and development
What to expect
  • 1:1 coaching throughout
  • iEQ9 questionnaire and in-depth customized report
  • Exercises to apply insights
  • Growth and development plan to support path forward
Realize How Others Perceive and Experience You Catalyst Program

Realize How Others Perceive You

William Schutz, Ph.D., developed the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation™ (FIRO®) assessment to understand our interpersonal needs and explore how we interact with others. The FIRO® theory explains that we each have unique interpersonal needs motivating us beyond our survival needs – food, shelter, and warmth. Uncover what you express to others and answer whether others experience you as intended based on your actions and behaviors. Apply learnings to manage expectations and improve interactions with others.

Objectives & Outcomes
  • Take FIRO® assessment
  • Learn about William Schutz, Ph.D. theory on fundamental interpersonal needs
  • Determine your “Expressed” and “Wanted” needs
  • Discover how you tend to behave toward others
  • Uncover your core driver and triggers for becoming uncomfortable when your interpersonal needs are not being met
  • Apply what you learn to manage expectations and improve interactions
What to expect
  • 1:1 coaching throughout
  • FIRO® assessment and report
  • Interactive exercises with suggestions on how to apply insights
  • Creation of actionable steps to move forward
Shift Your Mindset Catalyst Program

Shift Your Mindset

Our mind can be our own worst enemy when we’re obsessed with the past or projecting toward our future. Learn how to slow down, be present, minimize multi-tasking, reduce frenetic doing, and align your energy, intentions, and actions.

Objectives & Outcomes
  • Slow down, quiet your mind, and breathe
  • Create space in your life to be aware, mindful, and present
  • Show up with intent, discipline, and poise to succeed
  • Align your energy and action in a consistent manner
  • Break habits holding you back
What to expect
  • 1:1 coaching throughout
  • Take a supporting assessment for insight
  • Exercises on intention setting, letting go of resistance, and meditation techniques
  • Creation of stop, start, continue plan to guide you forward
Understand Your Innate Preferences

Understand Your Innate Preferences

Carl G. Jung believed preferences are innate and shaped by environmental influences such as family, culture, and education. He observed that we all live in two worlds: (1) the outer world of things, people, and events; and (2) the inner world of thoughts, feelings, and reflections. Once you take the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI®) to select your Best-Fit Type, I’ll guide you through what your order of preferences means and how they impact the ways you take in information and make decisions. Apply your learnings to manage stress and improve communications.

Objectives & Outcomes
  • Take MBTI® assessment
  • Learn about Carl G. Jung’s behavioral theory and innate preferences and determine your Best-Fit Type
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Discover and appreciate differences in others
  • Capitalize on your own strengths and supplement areas that don’t come as easily
  • Apply your new knowledge of personality types in your daily interactions
What to expect
  • MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™ assessment and report
  • 1:1 Best-Fit Type coaching call
  • Videos, interactive exercises, and homework
  • Suggestions on how to apply learnings

I Aim to Exceed Expectations.

Let’s Work Together

I highly recommend Mindy’s complete package of an iEQ9 Enneagram assessment and coaching sessions to help develop an action plan related to your professional growth, followed by the executive profile. This complete process makes your executive profile so much stronger. In addition, Mindy is great to work for, very knowledgeable and completes tasks in a timely manner.

Edgar Alvarez

Sr. Director, United Imaging

I’ve been following Mindy’s newsletter and blog for a while. I love the tips and tools she provides. She was the first person I thought of when I needed to upgrade my professional narrative and materials for a work opportunity. Mindy was fantastic to work with, and I found her informative, personal, professional, and 100% in tune with where I wanted to go. I’d recommend Mindy to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and elevate their personal brand.

Rachel Costello

Media Manager, US Pharma at GSK

Mindy is a wonderful coach! I was looking for a coach that could help me with my Enneagram results, and she very kindly and intelligently guided me to some very helpful and wise decisions I’ve made that are moving me in a great direction. Mindy is very calming and has a gift for listening that helps you sit back and rise above all the noise to do great self-introspection.

Tracy Pixler-Anderson

Learning Consultant, LogicalisUS

Completing the Enneagram test and discussing the results with Mindy was a surprising and insightful experience. Mindy was able to pass on some great practical tips for how to make the most of knowing more about my personality type – particularly concerning specific challenges and opportunities at my workplace.

Jon Crichton

Learning Experience Designer, Brainlab