If you’re finding yourself stuck in your current state, YOU may be the person holding you back from changing. 

Use this simple formula from the Beckhard-Harris Change Model to find out. 

The formula, written as “D x V x F > R,” implies that all three elements on the left side, D for desire, V for vision, and F for first steps, must be present to overcome resistance (R).

In other words, you must be dissatisfied with your current status (desire for change) and have a strong vision for where you want to go. Furthermore, your actions (aka first steps) need to support the direction you want to head. If any of the elements of D, V, or F are missing, the product of the multiplication of the left side of the equation is zero, which is less than the resistance to change.

To uncover whether you’re resisting what you’re seeking, ask yourself the following:

Are you dissatisfied with your current status (i.e., status quo) of a particular situation?

For example, let’s say that you are unhappy with your current job or weight. Do you dislike your current job enough to add more hours to your day to start looking for another one, or are you unhappy enough with your current weight to be open to a new exercise routine or change your eating habits? You must have a high enough level of dissatisfaction to provide you the impetus to change. Don’t wait for a crisis to hit to start thinking about bringing more happiness into your life.

Do you have a vision for where you want to go?

When you have the desire to change but don’t know how to change or what changes will improve your circumstance, you may feel frustrated, angry, or apathetic. To help you mobilize and energize, you must have a vision of where you want to head. To help you evaluate, think through questions like, “what’s important to me?” “what does success look like?” and “what would make me feel better than I do now?” The answers to these questions can help you frame your desire into a vision, goal, or purpose statement. Check out this article to help you find your voice and cultivate your personal brand.

Are your actions aligning with your vision?

If you already have a desire and vision for change yet seem to be in a vicious cycle of negative repeat patterns, your need to consider whether your daily actions (aka first steps) are aligned. Outline what you will do to reach your vision with actions and accountability. Based on proven methods, check out these five steps to gain clarity, organize your thoughts, and outline an action plan and watch the “Change Framework” video tutorial.

Do you know what’s making you resistant to change?

As mentioned above, the product of Desire, Vision, and First Steps multiplied together must be greater than the Resistance to change. If your ‘D x V x F’ is lower than ‘R,’ assess what’s holding you back. It could be the fear of losing something of value. For example, a new job could alter your financial status, whereas losing weight may mean letting down friends who are used to you sharing that extra appetizer or dessert. These are natural resistors and can be worked through if you’re open and willing to alter your behavior. Here are some additional ways you can overcome resistance on your change journey.

Change is complex and takes time. You’re not alone in your struggle to change.

You can use various assessments to learn more about what makes you tick. If you’re looking for a partner to guide you, my approach is personalized and customized to meet you where you’re at in your journey. I’d be delighted to speak with you. You can schedule a free call with me using this link.


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