One distinct element of your brand is its personality, aka “brand personality.”

This set of characteristics is typically expressed using adjectives and conveys how you want people to perceive you. For instance, you may want to be seen as intelligent, trustworthy, responsible, friendly, kind, and so on.

Like a company or product, you boost your brand equity and likeability by having a consistent set of traits that another person enjoys and can relate to when interacting with you.

You activate your best when you’re self-led.

When you turn inward and focus on leading yourself, you take ownership and accountability for your behavior and actions. As a self-led individual, you:

  • Feel at ease with yourself and others.
  • Are open, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Do not need to pretend.
  • Listen and speak without fear of judgment.
  • Connect and engage with others—no matter what the situation or setting may be.

A key personal brand attribute.

Self-leadership combines many distinctive qualities, learned and intrinsic. Becoming more balanced and integrating your thinking, feeling, and actions enables you to be more reflective and effective in how you show up. To strengthen your inner core, ask yourself:

1. How do I feel?

When you feel good, you experience a sense of peace and have clarity around your purpose and intentions. You’ll be less triggered by your environment and be less reactive or extreme. Others will view you as “calm, cool, and collected.” In turn, you’ll have the ability to perceive situations without distortion or intense emotions and beliefs. You can compassionately support yourself and accept others, helping to meet them where they are at, and letting go of judgment.

2. What do I think?

When you’re self-led, you recognize that there are many ways to reach the same goal. You’re open to sharing what you know and exploring what others have as ideas and solutions. Taken even further, you are curious, and interested in people and their contributions and reactions. You are genuinely connected to the other person, actively listening, and not striving to be heard.

3. How do I act?

When you’re grounded in your body and attuned to its sensations and instincts, you can take action with a sense of ease. You’re no longer in the grip of your inner critic or seeking validation or approval from others. You’re able to enter what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined as the “flow” of creative expression. You’re also able to engage and know that no matter what, you’ll be okay. You approach tasks practically and have the courage to push forward regardless of fear.

Become a life-long learner.

Self-leadership is all about getting to know yourself better and applying that knowledge to how you act, think, and feel. If you want to be viewed as a leader who lifts and inspires others, you must first lead yourself. You can enhance your abilities by devoting energy and compassion to yourself. To get started, here are some ways you can amplify your executive presence and bolster your courage to change.

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