A defining element of a brand is its everlasting image.

As you cultivate your personal brand, having “executive presence” conveys your level of competence and shows that you’re well-rounded, self-assured, and comfortable in your own skin.

Furthermore, executive presence showcases your ability to connect and engage your audience—no matter what the situation or setting may be. Being open, honest, courageous, and resilient, and having a positive outlook can have a significant impact on your presence.

While some people may be naturally charismatic, this doesn’t automatically equal being a good leader.

Instead, it’s the combination of many distinctive qualities, learned and intrinsic, that makes an individual’s executive presence visible. Think about how you show up—in person, on a call, through video—from a confidence and intention standpoint.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I listening to my inner critic, or am I confident?
  • Is my focus on me or my audience?
  • In what ways do I share my thoughts? Am I clear? Do I speak with conviction?
  • What’s my intention? Am I honest and credible?
  • How’s my energy level and mindset? Am I optimistic or pessimistic? Is my ego in check? Am I open to meeting people where they are?

Elevate your presence by striking a balance and making a lasting, meaningful impact.

As you assume a leadership role with various audiences, share your thoughts and opinions with certainty while actively listening and being open to other points of view. Invest time in your appearance, body language, and demeanor. Communicate in an impactful and persuasive way that empowers and inspires others into action. Make sure you stay true to your values and that your actions align with them.

If you find yourself in a negative space, a great tool to help you navigate is the Enneagram. This personality map uncovers your core motivation, indicates why you behave the way you do, and provides ways to face your fears so you can increase your resiliency.

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