The other day I received an email from an author who announced that she was pausing her quarterly updates to concentrate on her business. Not only did I admire her note for its grace, but I appreciated the friendly reminder that focus equals success.

Realities and expectations.

As a person who has tried to influence or champion change, I know how easy it is to take on too much at the same time. And once we become overwhelmed, uncertainty usually follows as part of what I like to call “the messy middle of change.”

These hurdles can end up being meaningful learnings that provide insight and direction. So instead of giving up or retreating at these junctures, let your inner strength, motivation, and resolve inspire you to continue.

When you move forward with an optimistic and pragmatic outlook, you’ll start to experience positive outcomes along the way. As you intensify your efforts, here are five truths to expect during your journey, with some tips and tools to guide you.

Truth #1: You’ll get distracted.

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to change is because we keep adding to our to-do list and get easily distracted by the minutia. To align your energy with your intentions, gain clarity on what you value the most and use the stop, start, continue method to prioritize. As you go through your tasks, ask yourself, “Who or what’s driving me to do this?” If you answer, “I don’t know, I’m just so used to doing it,” then this may be a diversion that you can get rid of. The mere act of writing down this information will help you notice your patterns and assess them.

Truth #2: You’ll be faced with uncertainty.

When we experience the unknown, our inner critics awaken, and our confidence starts to wane. As a result, we turn to our survival instincts to stay safe. Rather than judging and suppressing these voices or emotions, take the time to shake off the negativity and understand your limiting beliefs and triggers. By doing this, you can address your concerns and work through them logically to progress forward instead of turning back.

Truth #3: You’ll need to tap into your superpowers.

One of our most significant prospects for advancement is reinforcing our assets. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you can separate the results of your work from who you are as an individual. This detachment allows you to be open to possibilities regardless of the situation, instead of needing things to go a certain way. To uncover your strengths and opportunities, use the SWOT method and cultivate your unique value proposition to bring forth in your daily actions.

Truth #4: Your view of the world shapes your understanding.

Everyone’s perspective is different and formed by their motivations, preferences, temperament, traits, culture, and experiences. You need to understand what makes you tick. Instead of fighting what you’re made of, acknowledge, honor, and work with all aspects. You activate your best when you’re self-led. By taking ownership of your behaviors, you can integrate your thinking, feeling, and actions to be more purposeful and aligned with where you want to go, both personally and professionally.

Truth #5: You’ll face resistance.

Most of the opposition we face is caused by our own fears, and the people we interact with reflect our hesitations back to us. To find out where you’re resisting, use the Beckhard-Harris Change Model, which links to 10 ways to overcome obstacles. The more you concentrate on your desired state, the things you no longer want in your life will start disappearing. Allow yourself to have fun and celebrate milestones big and small. Give yourself permission to pause, rest, and reset. Here are five steps you can take to stay on track to maintain your stamina and be resilient.

Cultivate curiosity.

Encourage yourself to be interested and interesting by embracing a ‘love to learn’ attitude and mindset. Take the time to get to know yourself and connect with others on your path. You don’t need to go it alone. Click here to schedule a free call with me. I can take you through my professional coaching process to help you fulfill your aspirations. No obligation, no strings attached.

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