Human Design is a form of personality typing that integrates the chakra system, astrology, quantum physics, and knowledge from the I Ching and Kabbalah. It uses your birth date, year, and time to provide a visual framework highlighting your traits, tendencies, energy blueprint, and soul and life purpose.

These aspects shape and influence the story you believe to be true about you. Your narrative integrates elements of your voice, mission, and unique value proposition to personify your brand essence so you can share who you are in a simple and memorable way.

However, that is only a part of the picture.

Your personality includes various characteristics, preferences, beliefs, and principles that shape how you express yourself internally and externally. You may even accentuate or “cover up” facets of yourself to connect with others and fit into a group.

By discerning between your thoughts and what others may have impressed upon you, you can gain valuable insight into unanswered questions, process how you feel, think through difficult choices, and take control of your truth and story.

The Human Design Bodygraph spotlights YOU as the main character.

Your chart features a foundational plot and outlines your strengths, challenges, and way of interacting. Additionally, your customized report highlights how you receive, process, and respond to energy in your body and recommends how best to support your profile type, strategy, and authority.

Further, Human Design suggests what you may be searching for in relationships, how you may teeter between being your own “best friend” and “worst enemy” when expressing yourself, and how your environment and those in it may influence how you show up.

Here are five more ways understanding your Human Design can help you unlock your brand potential:

Reveal a bigger picture.

Your Human Design profile provides insight into your lineage and specific patterns that may have shaped your circumstances. In Gabor Maté’s book “The Myth of Normal,” he emphasizes that our stories—regardless of their accuracy—are consistent with our beliefs, behaviors, and experiences. For example, he shared some views that affected his life and clients, like “Saying no is a sign of weakness, I have to be strong” and “I’m not worthy unless I’m doing something useful.” However, by shifting your mindset and updating your system on who you are and can be, you can establish new mantras that accentuate your strengths and capabilities, such as “I’m reliable and responsible and say ‘no, not now’ kindly to things that do not fit into my schedule” and “I prioritize my self-care and rest to recharge so I’m more effective.”

Identify how to work with your energy.

Your Human Design showcases how your energy flows through your system and offers ways to live in an empowering and fulfilling way. Understanding which of your centers (aka Chakras) are defined and have reliable access to energy, as well as knowing which are undefined and influenced by others and your environment, can help you process your emotions to help avoid burnout and remain resilient and loyal to you. It can also indicate where you need to create boundaries and prioritize self-care.

Pinpoint conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Early on, your brain collects cues on who you should and need to be to fit in and belong. Instinctively, this perception trained your behaviors and how you think and approach the world, ultimately impacting your story and substories. In Human Design, your conditioning field acts like a filter helping you choose what you create and experience. Deconditioning is learning to interpret what is possible without being susceptible to limiting beliefs and other’s expectations.

Understand potential conundrums.

Conundrums are inner conflict themes that create repetitive patterns where you may feel stuck, confused, scared, or act in self-sabotaging ways. A conundrum can be “conditioned,” where you lose touch with who you are, or “inherent,” where they are built into your Human Design to master the learning. Understanding these challenges can help you eliminate habits that formed in response and subtexts in your storyline that are no longer accurate or supportive of who you want to be, so you can reclaim authority over the events that have led to your current story and rewrite a new one.

Self-regulate and operate at your highest expression.

A well-known literary metaphor states, “You’re the author of your own story. You get to wake up each day and decide how your story is written. With every new page comes an opportunity for change and growth.” To believe in your story, you must embody it by being and acting the part. Your Human Design can help you see where resistance and inner critics may be lurking. Also, by assessing your susceptibility to outside influences, you can be mindful when picking up unwanted vibes or perspectives, remaining authentic to your brand.

Cultivate your personal brand and harness your YOU-ness.

Getting to know yourself takes time, commitment, and kindness. Human Design, coupled with Deep Coaching or Internal Family Systems, is an empowering way to expand your intuitive capacity, gain clarity and confidence, and rewrite your narrative to cultivate your personal brand. To learn more about a special offer that includes FIVE 75-minute coaching sessions (one of which will consist of your Human Design reading) with a one-page narrative output, schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

Deepen your perspective to activate your best.

As a lifelong student, certified professional coach, and consultant, activating the best in others through self-leadership, interpersonal relations, and team dynamics are passions of mine. My approach is personalized and customized, tapping into various assessments, disciplines, modalities, and techniques.

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