At the root of all inner work is self-awareness, acceptance, and appreciation for all aspects of oneself. Your conditioning—the patterns, beliefs, and how you learned to respond to your environment and experiences—influences what you expect out of life and from others.

Because of this, you may find yourself living out lower expressions of yourself rather than embracing your true potential.

Owning your path forward.

Being present lets you objectively observe and process your thoughts, emotions, and bodily responses to help you self-regulate and understand what you want and need to be at your best.

If you notice a widening gap between your preferences and what makes you most at ease to deliver your best, it may be time to hit the brakes for an “annual review.” By understanding what’s most important to you and your instinctual nature for saying “Yes” to things you’d rather say “No” to, you can begin to take back control of your career.

What clouds your judgment.

There are many reasons why our judgment becomes clouded. For example, experiencing an emotional high from being selected by your manager, or delivering a stellar performance that enables you to be offered a job, or receiving financial rewards, may create an uplifting façade that blocks how you truly feel about something.

Through my Quantum Human Design studies, I learned that I must ride through my emotional waves—the positive and negative and highs and lows—and discern what I want, need, and feel before purchasing products or committing to others. Using the Enneagram, FIRO®, and Sparketype® assessments I could see on paper what I innately knew about my survival strategies and tendencies, which inspired me to take accountability and action to change.

Revisit what makes you most energized and aligned with your true nature.

When you’re overwhelmed, going “a mile a minute,” or stuck in some perpetual loop of people-pleasing, it’s easy to forget what makes you most at ease and in flow with your work. Whether you’re looking to make a shift in your life or career or just want to get back in sync with your natural rhythm, here are a few things to explore:

Your Priorities.

You can expect your feelings about what you like and value most to change over time. As you’re exposed to new opportunities and experiences, your priorities shift. As a result, what was once most important to you may be replaced by something that you deem more meaningful in the present moment. These types of swings are natural and to be expected based on your age, responsibilities, and preferences. Putting together your own strategic plan will help you gain clarity and reclaim your authority.

What Balances You.

Throughout your career, you may be recognized and rewarded for activities that deplete your energy. Turning inward to concentrate on yourself can help ground you in the present moment and get in sync with yourself. Effective transformation occurs when your heart, mind, and body are nurtured equally with constructive habits and routines. Only when you stop “doing” can you witness the impact of your environment and those around you and strengthen your resiliency. When you are self-led, you take your power back. Here are five Ps to help you shift your mindset and approach.

Examine Overall Fit.

When considering taking on additional assignments or making a career change, it’s your right to reflect on the implications and determine what is or is not possible. In addition to speaking with your manager about the specific tasks or a recruiting professional about the organizational culture, contemplate: “Will I be able to thrive in this work setting?” and “How will this transition or additional project impact my current commitments?” and “Am I really interested in the prospective opportunity and what it entails or is something ego-based driving my decision-making, like pride of being chosen or fear or saying no?”

With focus and intention, you can outline your non-negotiables for a healthy mindset and show up as your best. Also, comparing your current state with your desired state will enable you to uncover gaps and find ways to close them. Here are additional tools to help you navigate your change journey and personal transformation.

You don’t need to go it alone to boost your overall well-being.

If you’re looking for a coach (and cheerleader) to boost your overall well-being, my approach is about meeting you where you are at and empowering you to harness your YOU-ness and activate your best. Schedule a 30-minute call and sign up for my free monthly newsletter to learn more.

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