Self-reflection is observing and evaluating how you think, feel, and act. This introspective process increases your capacity to be aware of your conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors and supports you in your day-to-day living.

Further, communicating with yourself helps you manage your activities, work through issues, and make decisions. Sometimes, it can be complex, and your “self-talk” may include opposing opinions, emotions, or sensations that impact how you view yourself and influence your choices.

By understanding these facets from multiple angles—what they are and why they exist—you can determine what’s working or what may need adjustment for your well-being and your brand.

Align your inner and outer worlds.

Many people favor what’s visible—the outer world—and may be focused on your physical attributes, actions, and outcomes. However, this doesn’t reflect your inner world and what may be hidden, such as what you cherish and desire most.

Fostering an inner connection provides you with the space to take an objective stance, attain clarity, and replenish your energy. Additionally, you can shake off negative vibes and cultivate the confidence necessary to show up more authentically and be at peace with your choices.

You are your most valuable asset.

As the famous adage goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Knowing what’s important to you, your mission, and your values are essential for success. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Here are some practical ways to enhance your personal brand through self-reflection:

Choose a focus area.

Start small and choose one priority in terms of elevating your brand. For example, your goal could be tuning into your system so you’re less activated by triggers, or understanding why you do what you do, or befriending an inner critic, or working through a limiting belief. Additionally, your goal can be relational, like listening with positive intention or speaking up in a particular situation or setting.

Answer critical questions.

The reflective process allows you to go beneath your external façade to witness various aspects of yourself and uncover what could be holding you back from advancement. To reveal more about the judgments, behaviors, and experiences that have shaped your story, get curious and ask: “What do I believe to be true about myself,” “What parts do I keep hidden,” “What do I like most about myself,” “How do I relate to others,” and “How do I want to present myself?”

Understand how others perceive you.

Jeff Bezos once highlighted, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Others form assumptions about who you are from what they observe, such as your words, approach, and actions. These views can be perceived or projected and impact whether people see you how you intended. For instance, if people’s input doesn’t match your intention, you may have sent mixed messages about what you want and need. The FIRO® instrument can illuminate how you express yourself and provide the clarity necessary to manage expectations when interacting with others.

Communicate through journaling.

It can be easy to forget your priorities when overwhelmed with requests and commitments. When this happens, try journaling your thoughts to recalibrate. Documenting your opinions, aspirations, fears, and concerns can help you see things differently, address systemic issues, evaluate opportunities, overcome resistance, and free yourself from repetitive thoughts.

Embrace what distinguishes you.

Your brand identity is your outward expression of yourself and your personality. You can differentiate yourself by showcasing your skills, strengths, and talents. Knowing what energizes and motivates you and what you’d prefer to avoid can help you choose opportunities more effectively.

Harnessing your YOU-ness is an inside job.

Your brand will evolve as you do, so invest in regular check-ups and tune-ups. And remember, you get to decide what success and happiness means. So be YOU and share that distinctive magnificence with the world.

Deepen your perspective to activate your best.

As a lifelong student, certified professional coach, and consultant, activating the best in others through self-leadership, interpersonal relations, and team dynamics are passions of mine. My approach is personalized and customized, tapping into various assessments, disciplines, modalities, and techniques.

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