You don’t need to speak fast or raise your voice to amplify your message. Instead, focus your mind and attention to allow what you want to communicate to flow naturally. Communication is much more than what you say and write. How you express yourself and the tone and manner in which you deliver your message make a substantial difference in whether or not your message is clear, concise, and without contradictory thoughts.

To elevate your communication approach and make sure your voice is heard, try out the following:

Magnify your message with words that carry a dynamic vibe.

Also known as action or power words, these nouns and verbs add oomph to what you’re saying or writing. Case in point: Status updates don’t need to be boring. Choose words that evoke excitement and momentum toward the intended goal. If presenting out loud, emote your message with confidence and enthusiasm, engaging others. For example, if you’re reporting results, freshen up the usual “delivered, finished, achieved” with words like “advanced, attained, or realized,” referencing the brilliant outcome or result reached. Then take it one step further and recognize those who contributed to the success.

Convey a balance of vitality and calmness.

Assess your energy level before interacting with others. You can do this by focusing on your breath and setting positive intentions. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, get up and walk or jump around to boost your blood flow. On the flip side, if you’ve been going and going, sit still in silence to relax your nerves. This will help equalize any frenetic energy, so your vibe doesn’t overpower others. If you’re still feeling a bit off after trying these techniques, let others know you may not be at your best. This way, they don’t jump to conclusions or pick up any negativity that you may be carrying.

Show up confidently.

Regardless of your level or position, show up with executive presence, and demonstrate that you’re well-rounded, self-assured, and comfortable in your own skin. Look to inspire others with kindness and optimism. Join conversations as your whole self – mind, body, and heart – focusing entirely on the discussion and what others are saying. Note, if you’re thinking about what you’re going to say next, you’re not fully listening. Furthermore, if you suffer from a harsh inner critic or the “impostor syndrome,” here are some ways to shake off any self-doubt.

Create an uplifting and open atmosphere through awareness and commitment.

By livening up the ways you share information, you liberate others to do the same. In turn, you activate the best in yourself and shine brighter. Likewise, you enhance your approach by tapping into many of the essential elements of the 8Cs of Good Communication.

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