A few months ago, I spoke with Carol Chapman on her podcast Hearts Rise Up—one of Feedspot’s “Best 35 Wisdom Podcasts”— and shared my experiences, tips, and strategies around personal transformation. Click here to listen to the podcast, check out the resources, and show notes for more details.

During the interview, I was open and candid about navigating my transformation, starting with leaving the corporate world after 20+ years to start my own business. I talked about how specific patterns would keep surfacing until I was able to admit:

“You know what, I’m tired of being this way, I’m tired of doing this.”

Awareness may be the first step to change, but the desire to change is a close second.

By turning inward and evaluating my repetitive behaviors, I could finally see that I kept going after positions outside my preferences.

We talk about how relationships and generational influences can keep us stuck. I admit that the most challenging part for me has been staying true to myself. As an HSP, my fear of being judged, not liked, or upsetting someone has influenced my choices.

“When you want to take a heart-centered approach, it’s not about treating people how you want to be treated. It’s about meeting them where they’re at and respecting that you have no clue what they’re up against because you only get to see what they allow you to see. So, unless you authentically ask and care about how someone else is doing, you’ll never really truly understand that other person.”

Often, we think that the small steps aren’t enough to make an impact.

The truth of the matter is that all the small stuff adds up to the big stuff. Transformation is about understanding what you do and don’t want, and it can take a while to gain that clarity. But once you have a glimpse, you can start moving forward.

During the podcast, I disclose an embarrassing albeit expensive event in 2021 that illuminated how much energy I put toward what others are thinking and doing. However, this time, instead of going down a negative spiral, I bounced right back and laughed about the “universe’s reminder to focus on me,” and knew that everything would be okay.

You don’t need to go it alone.

Get to know yourself better and connect with others on your path. I offer plenty of tips, tools, and assessments on my website for anyone who wants to explore making a shift in their life or career. If you’re looking for a coach (and cheerleader), my approach is all about empowering you to harness your YOU-ness. Don’t only take my word for it; check out what others have said. Then schedule a free 30-minute call to take one action forward. No obligation, no strings attached.

Listen to the podcast, check out the resources, and show notes for more details.

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