I’m excited to share that I’m now certified to administer the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmarks® 360-Degree Assessments Suite, Skillscope®, and CCL Compass™ online action planning tool.

These assessments, combined with the CCL Compass™ tool, offer a way to create a common language and consistent feedback process across all levels of an organization or team.

Here’s a snapshot of each one:

Benchmarks® for Executives™

  • What it is: A 360-degree assessment designed to address specific leadership topics faced by top-level executives.
  • Who it’s for: C-suite and other top-level executives.
  • What it measures: 16 competencies.

Benchmarks® for Managers™

  • What it is: A 360-degree assessment for middle- to upper-level managers that provides in-depth analysis of observable behaviors with feedback on strengths and weaknesses in the areas most needed for success.
  • Who it’s for: Middle- to senior-level managers and executives with at least three years of managerial experience.
  • What it measures: 16 leadership competencies and five possible career derailers.

Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™

  • What it is: A 360-degree assessment that provides feedback on the skills most often found in successful leaders by measuring learning agility and the capacity for new skill adoption.
  • Who it’s for: High-potentials, individual contributors, managers with global responsibility.
  • What it measures: 11 competencies: four in learning to learn and seven in learning to lead.

Benchmarks® by Design™

  • What it is: A 360-degree assessment that can be tailored to reflect the competencies important to your organization or team culture.
  • Who it’s for: Any level of manager or executive.
  • What it measures: Choose from a library of 90 competencies grouped in 27 areas as well as derailment factors.


  • What it is: A 360-degree assessment that provides individuals with straightforward, practical feedback on job-related skills necessary for effectiveness in a management role.
  • Who it’s for: Supervisors, managers, and individual contributors.
  • What it measures: 15 different job-related skills.

CCL Compass™

  • What it is: An online tool that analyzes, interprets, and presents assessment results in a concise way with links to supporting information and best practices.
  • Who it’s for: Any individual receiving CCL assessment results.
  • What it does: Helps individuals transition their results into concrete goal setting and action planning, where they can share information with others and track progress.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of these of assessments, I’d be delighted to speak with you. You can schedule a time here.

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